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Choosing Good Car Exterior

You’re able to enter your car, but you need to climb over the middle console or even the back seat to acquire in and drive! Last, make sure that the car smells nice. On the flip side, if you choose to attempt to do car detailing for your car instead, be careful when selecting the […]

Datsun Launches Redi-GO AMT

Nissan India will add new variant Datsun Redi-GO transmitted Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) in January 2018. The transmission system is quite familiar with the AGS as in the Suzuki Karimun Wagon R and Ignis. This transmission is different from the conventional automatic AT (Automatic Transmission) or also an advanced such as CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission). […]

Ford Fiesta Differences 2013 and 2017

Ford is one of the car manufacturers who market their products in Indonesia. As for one of its flagship model the Ford Fiesta. The newest 2017 fiesta car was introduced on November 30 in Germany. Well the good news is, the plan in mid-2017 will be marketed to Europe. Ford Fiesta updated last time in […]

Toyota Camry ESport has been launched

Finally, the latest variant of the Camry was introduced, the car Toyota Camry Esport which recently will be launched in Thailand. On Camry machine is still using a 2,500 cc engine that uses gasoline fuel but there is increased Performance. Differences Camry with Camry Esport is on strength that is: The Camry produces 181 horsepower […]