Is reading your hobby? How excellent you are! What is kind of reading that you usually read? Novel, newspaper, or magazine? Everything can be read. Magazine is commonly the favorite reading for the most people. Magazine can give you knowledge widely. It is about everything, such as fashion, home design, culinary, gadget, etc. Magazine is published routinely, once a week, twice a month, or once a month. And, I think you will always buy it routinely. Imagine! How much knowledge do you get? Reading is an excellent choice.

Of course, there are so many magazines in your home Do you want to throw them? Or, do you want to recycle them? I think it is such a bad idea. You can still store them for collection. This is because magazine is full of knowledge and it is still useful to read again. But, where do you store the magazines? Don’t let the magazines mess everywhere in your home. You have to store them in the right place.

You need magazine rack very much. Magazine rack is the right place for storing the magazines. It purposes in order that your magazines will be organized well and neatly. You can choose various designs of magazine rack. In earlier time, the design of magazine rack was ordinary. Maybe, in earlier time, magazine rack was only made of wood or metal. Then, in modern today, there are many unique designs of magazine rack that you can find. The material that used for magazine rack is also various, such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. You can find it in the shop around you. The price depends on the material and design.

Besides that, you can also make DIY magazine rack. I think it will be fun activity. It is such a creative craft. You can use many kinds of materials, such as cardboard, fabric, etc. Making cardboard magazine rack is easy. You just cut the cardboard and shape it to be a box, then you can cover it with chic patterned paper. It is so nice. Fabric can also be used as the material of magazine rack. You can shape it to be pocket magazine rack. It is so simple, right?