The existence of the decorations is not a must. But the existence of the decoration will make the home design looks better. There are a lot of decorations such as plant, rugs, curtain, pictures, painting and others. Here we would like to explain about the picture decoration in a home design. To manage the picture, an idea such as gallery wall can be the option. Gallery wall is consists of similar wall decorations that placed together and have the art value. Below are the examples of gallery wall.

the examples of gallery wall

  • All pictures have same size and same frame size.
  • All the pictures have same filters to make it well managed.
  • All frame in the same color.
  • Have specific amount of columns and rows.
  • The picture above is gallery wall 4 x 3. Which means there are 4 pictures in columns and 3 pictures in a row? It is aims to make it well manage and conceptual.

gallery wall is not always photos

  • All size is acceptable.
  • All shape is acceptable.
  • The color should in tune.
  • Lay out as neatly as possible.
  • It should not always about the photos, it can be calligraphy, a sticker or any pictures.
  • The example above use two colors combined which are black and yellow. The example also uses the same background to make the wall galley in tune. Most of the picture that use is drawing, that is why a gallery wall is not always photos.

    full gallery wall home design

  • All size is acceptable, at least in a shape.
  • Placed full to as wall.
  • Have similar frame color and the background.
  • The example above is about full gallery wall home design, which is all the space of the wall is used for the gallery wall. Even though the content and the filter is not the same, but the same frame color and background makes it in a concept.