It is after sometimes that you are curious about how to turn off two factor authentication. Your initial thought about securing data usage and privacy information go to the lower priority list. The ringing notification has become too much to handle. Moreover, the one operating the devices is mostly you.

How to Turn Off  Two Factor Authentication

First, you have to prepare your laptop and go to some place with stable internet connection. Yes, in order to learn how to turn off two factor authentication, you should visit the official website directly. Type in the upper bar. Since you are going to log in to your account, bear for another minutes for the popping alert in your phone, displaying the security key.

how to turn off two factor authentication

how to turn off two factor authentication

Make sure you type correct number and alphabets to the empty column. Double check before you press enter. Otherwise, you will waste another time to repeat this process. Now that you have logged into your Apple account, go to “Security” section. Find “Edit” option and tap on it. Perhaps you’ll find it better explained from techno 9 here.

The option to turn off the double authentication setting is located at the bottom part of the section. Therefore, you need to scroll the page down and locate the sub section. The button should mention that the feature is ON, considering that you still have to pass the authentication codes in the beginning. Tap on this button and turn off this feature. The process normally takes only seconds.

When you have succeeded the step, you will have OFF label replacing the ON one.  After you turn off the double security codes, the process is not over yet. Another question should be chosen or made. It is considered as the replacement of your security code. Later on, you only need to answer this question correctly. There is no need to look at another device.

Now it is time to check whether the feature has been disabled properly. Log out from Apple official website and close the browser tab. Visit your mail and see if there is any popping message. There should be none, and you only need password to log in.

Being careful in saving your data turns to be no match to the annoying notification everytime you log into your own account from new device. Go to the Security setting and spot the option to turn off the security. It turns out that learning how to turn off two factor authentication takes less than five minutes.